Coffee Roast Review: Mocha Mint from Hartford Coffee Company

Hartford Coffee Company Mocha MintHartford Coffee Company roasts its own coffee twice a week, and has over 30 different roasts available for purchase at their location in Tower Grove (they don’t sell it online, unfortunately). We will eventually review every single roast they have to offer, but today we are starting with one of their flavored roasts: Mocha Mint.

Initial Impressions

The aroma was fabulous! It smelled just like an Andes mint candy. This made me very excited to try the roast. The beans had some shine, so it was certainly the medium-dark roast that’s indicated on the label.

When I sipped it black, it wasn’t the best, but that’s expected. It certainly wasn’t acidic, but the coffee flavors weren’t too strong either. Just seemed bitter and a bit lacking.

Was It Good?

It wasn’t too bad. The disappointing thing was that the roast wasn’t all that minty or chocolatey, despite the strong aroma. I thought part of it was that I covered up the flavor with my vanilla soy milk, but my fiance also said that the roast didn’t taste all that minty (he only adds whole milk to his cup). So, I don’t think that I covered up any of the flavor but that there just wasn’t a whole lot of mint flavor in the first place.

The label positioned this roast as a dessert coffee, as something that would be strong in the mint and the chocolate. Honestly, it tasted very much like a normal medium-dark roast. There wasn’t anything dessert-like about it and I didn’t feel like I was indulging on something when I tried it in the morning.

The Verdict

For a flavored roast, it didn’t have much flavor, which left me very disappointed. It’s a good thing that Hartford has over 30 roasts for you to choose from, and other flavored roasts to boot, because this one wasn’t at all what the package claimed. Besides the lack of mint, the roast wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t get this roast to have a coffee that tasted like the others. I wanted the flavor. Hopefully, the rest of Hartford’s roasts will be worth trying and will be full of flavor.

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